sydney and annie leibovitz!

So tomorrow, we are heading to Sydney at 7am in the morning.
This trip has been planned in 2010 so that we could catch a glimpse of Annie Leibovitz’s – “A Photographer’s Life-1990-2005” exhibition at MCA.

One of the photos that I really admire from her is the one below, of Angelina Jolie.
Love the colours and it just exudes the mysterious beauty of AJ.

Another series of her work are the Louis Vuitton advertisements that you had probably seen in many magazines in the last year or so. The photos depict a kind of journey, a great way of telling a story for the Louis Vuitton brand.

I am really excited about this trip. Will blog about the exhibition once I get back!
I might also include a food review too!


Tithi Kutchamuch –

Came across this Thai product designer, Tithi Kutchamuch, and I am fascinated as well as inspired by the gorgeous jewellery pieces. The thought process and creativity has blown me away.

Vase Garden

Vase Garden as rings


Personal Space

Personal space – I find this intriguing.
I haven’t been amazed by designers in a while and this girl managed to capture my attention with her pieces.

Christmas… hohoho!

Some of us are still probably still doing our last minute shopping… hours before shops shut.
Christmas this year has finally come
For me, I have started my shopping from November and probably only finished yesterday.

What do you wish for this year?

Dezeen had a Temporium store popped up in London last couple of weeks and the items were to die for! Yummy Christian Zuzunaga scarves and pillows! What about the watch from Uniform wares?

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful christmas and be good.