Bespoke Press

Recently we received a “SAVE THE DATE” invitation in the mail for a wedding in 2012.
There have been lots of wedding invitations and engagement parties over the last few years. I am guessing that it’s because my fellow friends are all at the age of marriage and babies. Such a nagging feeling every time I get an invite.

The design of invites can be taken quite lightly by some people… I once saw an invite which looked like it was torn on the sides. In my head, I was yelling “Goodness me! What were they thinking???” I suppose a lot of times, it comes down to budget. Good design can also be done with a budget. So do make sure that you will be getting some help from your creative friends!

Bespoke press is a Brisbane letterpress design company. When I came across their website one afternoon, I was so impressed. The design, the fonts and the craft of the letterpress were delightful! They have their own blog where they feature their latest creations! Be it menus, invitation, order of service, save the date… they do it brilliantly!

Here are some images of their work from their website:


Tithi Kutchamuch –

Came across this Thai product designer, Tithi Kutchamuch, and I am fascinated as well as inspired by the gorgeous jewellery pieces. The thought process and creativity has blown me away.

Vase Garden

Vase Garden as rings


Personal Space

Personal space – I find this intriguing.
I haven’t been amazed by designers in a while and this girl managed to capture my attention with her pieces.

I love moleskine…

I always loved moleskine-s and whenever i see a new competitor that looks the same, I am tempted by the cheaper price but nevertheless, I stick to Moley… coz I know it will never be the same.

Check this out – done by Dutch artist, Rogier Wieland