One of the few things that has been on my mind lately… holiday.
I haven’t exactly planned a holiday this year (ok… I have already forgotten about my Chinese New Year trip to Singapore and Thailand!)!

The London move is the BIG MOVE.
Happening in about 16 days really. 20 days to be exact. Stopping over in Singapore before then to see family and have a bowl of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Being located in Melbourne, Australia puts me in a rather long distance away from many countries. In Singapore, I have South East Asia within my reach. In Australia, I have Tasmania and New Zealand. Ah, you get the picture.

Just thinking about this, I swear that I cannot wait to move to London! The number of choices on how I would spend my 30th birthday is beyond imagination!
Bologna? Aarhus? Reykjavik? Copenhagen? Venezia? New York?

But who knows, I might just be sitting at the FAT DUCK having a taste of “THE SOUND OF THE SEA” by Heston Blumenthal.



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