For years and months, I have been ranting about moving to London. Back then, my friends, who moved to London were telling me that I could get an architectural job in a jiffy. I always replied with a “give me a couple more months“…

Just when I was about to pack up and go…The GFC hit. real hard.

Now, most of my friends who were in London back then, are now back in Australia.
I am the only one adventuring out there this time.

When I decided to quit my job at COX, I was rather regretting the fact that I had to go. My job at COX is pretty darn cool and possibly one of the best places that I have worked at. We always have to make tough decisions at some point. Had to tell myself that if it’s not now, it might be never...

A lot of uncertainty lies within me. People are telling me that there are absolutely no jobs over there and that the English are coming over to Australia… *crossing my fingers*

Looking through photos of London does inspire me. I remembered why I have always been wanting to head over. The galleries, the life, the opportunities… just the way the city is. I can’t wait to meet people, discover the city and get to know it better.

I know I always have Australia to rely on (afterall, I have been here for nearly 10 years). But right now, the other side awaits.


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