My very first post for 2011…

Was just looking around my blogs and I realised that I have managed 4 blogs in the last year. Not sure where I was going with that but there were websites that was exploring my design/photography inspirations… some that expressed my ideas… some, just pure mind thoughts.

2010 ended with a blast… Was at Byron Bay and had the time of my life… hanging out with my dude, his friends and then it was Nimbin with his family. Enjoyed every bits of it especially Nimbin.
Nimbin is this quaint little place in Northern NSW about an hour or so drive inland from Byron Bay. People know it for the ‘marijuana’ / hippie/ 1973 Aquarius Festival (it celebrated alternative thinking and sustainable lifestyles)…

Our experience in Nimbin was rather different… We had heaps of rain and stayed indoors at this lovely house within a 25 acre block. It has its own vege patch, cows (that supplied the beef) and chicken (eggs). Fun was the conversation, the walk through the block in a pair of wellingtons and a stick in hand (this to get rid of spider webs), the picking of fresh vegetable and passionfruits, the taste of fresh milk (REAL FRESH from the cows somewhere in the area), the real Python outside the window one evening when we were having dinner as well as observing the frog on the window catching its prey.

I could go on to write about our adventures during our 2 days stay there but the bed is too tempting right now.

For now, 2011 is going to be about recovering for new adventures… stay tune!


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